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Man Suing For Police Brutality After He Carjacked A Grandmother At Gunpoint

Andrew Jackson Jr., 51, was beaten by police on camera. He’s suing the city of Highland Park, Michigan, Highland Park Police Sgt. Ronald DuPuis, the city of Grosse Pointe Park and two of its officers, who have not been named, for $1 million. 

However, the circumstances of Jackson’s arrest have made some people doubt that he deserves any compensation. Jackson was caught after allegedly carjacking and robbing a grandmother and her two grandsons at gunpoint.

An amateur video shows Jackson being punched and kicked by police officers. Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who is not representing Jackson, told the Detroit Free Press he wouldn’t touch the case. 

"I would never take that case because you have a quote-unquote victim who is accused of a pretty horrific crime,” Fieger said. "I don't' think a jury in the world will give (him) a dime. I just don't think anyone will be sympathetic. It would be like O.J. Simpson suing for mistreatment by (detective) Mark Fuhrman.”

Jackson has a long rap sheet, but Fieger believes the police officers should be held accountable. "From what I observed, they should in some way be disciplined."

Highland Park City Attorney Nikkiya Branch said DuPuis was just doing his job. "Our position is that no wrongdoing was committed," Branch said. "I feel confident that the officer acted within the guidelines of the law.”

DuPuis has been named in three police brutality lawsuits in the last decade, but he has never been charged with a crime.

Ronald Scott, a spokesman for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, believes Jackson’s lawsuit is justified. "Mr. Jackson does not have to be a lovable person. All he has to be is an American citizen who feels his rights were violated,” he said. "The law protects us all from unreasonable search and seizures, from brutality and from excessive force.

"That's what this is about ... No matter who Mr. Jackson is, that could have been anyone of us on the street. And we don't deserve to have anyone treat us as judge, jury and executioner on the streets.”

The grandmother Jackson carjacked and robbed did not want to be named, but she told the Detroit Free Press he doesn’t deserve any sympathy. 

Why didn't he treat me and my grandkids like human beings?" she said. "He terrorized three people. And I want (protesters) to humanize me. When you say, 'Oh that poor man — are you OK with the fact that he pulled a gun on my face?”

Jackson is currently in prison for violating parole for an earlier crime and and faces charges including assault, carjacking and carrying a concealed weapon.

Source: Detroit Free Press Image via Berlin Refugee Strike/Wikimedia Commons


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