Man Suing Mexican Restaurant After Biting Into Thumbtack Found In His Nachos (Photos)


A Washington state Mexican restaurant is facing a pretty big lawsuit after a man claims he bit into a thumbtack that was found in his nachos and has had to undergo dental surgery to repair the damage done.

33-year-old Aaron Casey was dining with friends on August 13, 2012 when he bit right into a sharp object that was baked into his plate of nachos. Casey immediately spit out the object and saw that it was a bright yellow thumbtack. Casey snapped pictures of his food so that he could prove what happened to him, and now, he has filed a lawsuit against the Azteca restaurant.

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Casey’s attorney Kirk Davis said that his client started to feel tooth pain soon after the incident, and, upon being examined by a dentist, he was required to undergo a root canal. Despite the medical care he’s already received, Casey may still wind up losing his tooth.

"It was a very dangerous situation," said Davis to the New York Daily News. "He's been informed that he may lose the tooth."

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The lawsuit, which was first reported on by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, was filed in King County Superior court.

“We are looking to help Aaron recover his past and future medical expenses along with some money for the considerable pain he endured,” said Davis.

According to reports, the thumbtack fell off of a bulletin board located directly above the location where the food is made, and Azteca has so far refused to take responsibility for what happened.


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