Man Sues Stripper Ex For Taking Cash, Laptop, Harry Potter Movies

I’m in love with a stripper, and she made off with my Harry Potter DVD collection.

Robert Wallace, a Houston-based software developer, says he got ripped off by exotic dancer Nomi Mims, Raw Story reports. Thinking they were in a stable “dating relationship,” the 32-year-old lent his gal a laptop, $2,000, and—most scandalous of all—his Harry Potter DVD collection.

None of which he got back after they “broke up” on May 3rd, the bitter ex notes. Wallace is now suing Mims, who maintains that she was just friends with Wallace and owes him nothing.

“No refunds in the strip club,” Mims said. “I’ve even had people come up in there asking, ‘Oh, can I get a dance,’ and they’ll pay me back next week.”

“We ain’t got no layaway plans either,” she adds.

Even Wallace can admit that he probably did not act wisely with his new girlfriend.

“I did see it possibly ending this way,” he admitted to KRIV.

For her part, Mims is unapologetic.

“I don’t believe in loans because I don’t want to pay anybody back,” she explained. “I’ve given him gifts too. You know, how do I get my booty and boobs back?"


Sources: Raw Story, KRIV


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