Man Sues Pizzeria After He's Hurt During Robbery Attempt


A man who confessed to robbing a pizzeria in Delaware filed a lawsuit against the company after he says the restaurant’s employees assaulted him and caused him unnecessary injury. He says he is entitled to $260,000 compensation for the injuries he suffered while attempting to steal from the establishment.

Nigel Sykes, 23, of Wilmington, admitted to cops that he was armed when he broke into Seasons Pizza in Newport on November 20, 2010, reports USA Today. He says a delivery driver handed him $140. He is serving a 15-year prison sentence for robbery and attempted robbery after he was linked to nine robberies, including a bank, two fast food restaurants, and three other pizzerias.

But Sykes isn’t suffering behind bars in silence. He says he wants the employees at Seasons Pizza and police involved in his arrest to pay up for hurting him during the robbery.

Sykes’ federal civil complaint, which he filed without an attorney, states that he was “subdued” by workers at Seasons Pizza and that all of the employees “participated in punching, kicking and pouring hot soup” over his body. With his gun wrestled away from him at that point, the man says he was “unarmed and defenseless and had to suffer a brutal beating by all of the employees of Seasons Pizza.” Sykes claims he was knocked unconscious after workers beat him with pots and pans.

When cops arrived, Sykes claims they handcuffed and tasered him. He says he required medical attention for the burns and stun gun wounds, but was denied treatment. He also claims one officer used a racial slur against him.

Sykes is seeking $20,000 each from six pizzeria workers and two officers and $10,000 from the pizzeria.

The pizzeria employees, on the other hand, say they are still suffering from anxiety over what happened during the robbery. They claim Sykes nearly shot one of the workers and that a trash can in their kitchen still has a bullet hole in it from the man’s gun.

Sykes has reportedly filed several lawsuits that have been thrown out of court, but U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson is taking this one seriously. And Newport Police officials are not happy about that.

“It is a joke lawsuit,” Newport Police Chief Michael Capriglione said. “It is sad to see this kind of suit being looked at. The court shouldn’t waste the taxpayers’ money.”

Source: USA Today


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