Man Sues Over Strong Handshake


A Florida attorney is suing a colleague for allegedly shaking his hand too hard at a child’s birthday party.

George Vallario Jr., 75, claims Peter Lindley, 59, shook his hand in greeting on Feb. 8, 2014, with such “ferocity, force, strength and violence” he yelped in “extreme pain,” according to The Daily Mail.

In the lawsuit, Vallario says the handshake was “uncalled for” and caused him “mental anguish.” The handshake also allegedly left him with pain in his right hand for at least a year.

“I once had a nightclub in New York and I would shake 200 people's hands a night - that's what you did when you had a club - and nobody ever shook my hand so violently or forcefully as did Peter,” Vallario said. “As a consequence there of, that happened on a Saturday and by 2.20am Sunday morning I woke up with the most intense pain you can imagine. Monday I was at the orthopedic surgeon's office and I have just had the brace off now. The guy was just showing off.”

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The children of Vallario’s god-daughter attend school with Lindley’s daughter, which is why they were both at the birthday party. They had also worked together in the past.

“He's not a mean guy, he's a pleasant man, he was my lawyer when I needed civil work done, he's a nice guy, but he wanted to show me how strong he was. And do you know what? He's strong, God bless him,” Vallario said.

Vallario claims he never received an apology from Lindley, which prompted him to file the lawsuit.

“After two days I sent him an email - ‘Dear Peter, no flowers? No candy? No card?.’ Day four - 'Dear Peter, this is the most intense pain I have had in my entire life.' All he had to do was do something nice, but he wouldn't, so I did sue,” Vallario said, according to Mirror.

The lawsuit states that Vallario has “suffered bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, disability, mental anguish, disfigurement, [and] loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life. The losses are either permanent or continuing and plaintiff will suffer the losses in the future.”

“He is not a bad guy, but he did something stupid, and that's why they call it negligence,” Vallario said, according to The Daily Mail.

“I’m looking at my hand right now and it is just scary. It is swollen, the joint and the vein is sticking out. It was two years ago,” he added.

Lindley will reportedly argue in court that Vallario never cried out in pain and that the two chatted in a “friendly” manner for the rest of the four-hour party.

Vallario seeks damages in excess of $15,000, plus interest and costs.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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