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Man Sues IRS For Tripping on Phone Wire In Their Office and is Awarded $862,000

A 66-year-old New York man was awarded a generous payout after suing the IRS for a fall at their Long Island office nearly six years ago.

According to William Berroyer, back in 2008, he went to an IRS office in Hauppauge for an audit and to figure out a plan to pay the $60,000 that he owed them. While at the office, Berroyer claims he tripped over a telephone wire and severely injured himself.

“I really can’t say whether I hit it with my shoulder, hand or elbow, but I broke my fall on the cabinet,” said Berroyer in his testimony.

Berroyer says that following the fall, his entire life changed. He claims that since the incident, he has been unable to enjoy his life and do normal things like golf or have regular sex with his wife. He apparently spent the 17 days following the 2008 fall in hospitals and rehab centers trying to recover.

‘I was frightened,” said Berroyer in court. “I had gone from everything to nothing, and I was frightened.”

The IRS was aware that the fall happened but said that Berroyer was exaggerating his injuries. They even went so far as to send a surveillance crew to his home to back up their claims.

Still, the judge partially sided with Berroyer, and now, he will be awarded $862,000 as a payout for the incident. He initially sued for $10 million because of claims that he was wheelchair-bound since the injury, but the judge didn’t buy that part.


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