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Man Sues After Hospital Leaves Him With Smaller-Than-Expected Penis

A Canadian man is suing his hospital, claiming a botched surgery shortened both his penis and his marriage.

The man, who remains unnamed, went to the hospital in July of 2011 after he fractured his penis during sex with his wife. At first, doctors told him nothing was wrong and that his penis would heal itself in time. Three months later, with the organ still in extreme pain, doctors decided a corrective surgery was needed.

That procedure, the man claims in his lawsuit, removed about an inch of length from his penis. In addition, he was unable to have sex for over two years. This forced abstinence led to a breakdown in his marriage, he claims, and his wife eventually left him.

“This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs,” the paraplegic man said.

He is now suing the hospital for negligence and “indescribable anguish.” He is seeking $142,680 in damages. 

Sources: Toronto Sun, MailOnline


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