Man Sues City of Denver After Deputy Slams Him into Wall During Court (Video)


Anthony Waller has filed a lawsuit against the city of Denver and two sheriff deputies over a bizarre incident that happened in a Denver County Court on Sept. 11, 2011.

Waller, who had multiple shackles on his body, was attending a court hearing about the domestic violence charges that had been brought against him, notes (video below).

At one point during the hearing, Waller told Judge Doris Burd, "I’d like to object to her story. If I’m under investigation, I thought the investigation came first, then the arrest came."

Judge Burd started to reply when Waller was suddenly grabbed from behind by Deputy Brady Lovingier who appears to shove Waller into a nearby wall.

"You don't turn on me!" yelled Deputy Lovingier. "Get on your feet, get on your feet. I don't give a s--- who you are. You're not punking me! You're not tripping me!"

"It's still upsetting to me to this day," Waller told The Denver Channel. "You're just going to snatch me, and slam, just savage, like you didn't care? Like, oh, if I kill you it's no problem? If the citizenry does nothing, you know, this is going to continue. Citizens should be afraid."

Judge Burd does nothing to intervene as the deputies drag Waller out of the court.

According to Waller's lawsuit, he has permanent injuries, and is suing for $5 million.

During an internal investigation, Deputy Lovingier claimed, "Waller posed an imminent threat to this safety and the safety of others."

However, Deputy Lovingier was suspended, appealed that suspension, but lost.

Judge Burd testified against Deputy Lovingier at an appeal hearing and claimed it was the first time in her 25 years as a judge that she ever saw a deputy throw an inmate into a wall.

In rejecting the deputy's appeal, the hearing officer wrote: "Public safety was not in jeopardy at the time Lovingier shoved Waller face-first in to the wall."

Sources:, The Denver Channel


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