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Man Sues 7-11 After Employees Strip and Bite Him (Video)

Three people who worked at a New York City 7-Eleven allegedly assaulted David Golson, whom they thought stole an item.

The October 20, 2012 incident was recorded on a bystander's cell phone video (below), which Golson is using as part of his lawsuit against the store, notes

In the video, Golson is grabbed by two 7-11 employees as he tries to leave the store. Outside the 7-11, they pull his shirt off.

The employees pull Golson back into the store where one of them appears to bite him on the back. Another 7-11 employee then joins in on the struggle.

Golson repeatedly says in the video, "I don’t have nothing else,” suggesting he might have stolen an item.

Some bystanders claim the employees are "attacking" Golson, but do not interfere.

Later in the video, Golson's pants are pulled off and he is holding on to the front door of the store while wearing only his underwear.

Eventually, Golson is pulled to the back of the store when the video ends.

According to the video's YouTube page, "Golson was charged with robbery, assault, and criminal mischief. A spokesperson for 7-Eleven told reporters the one employee was fired and the two others will be retrained."

Courthouse News reports that Golson's lawsuit claims he suffered a "violent, unprovoked and widely publicized assault by... three employees, who beat, stripped, bit and restrained plaintiff, accusing him of stealing goods while he screamed that he was innocent."

Golson's suit also says that "employees intentionally, brutally and violently assaulted plaintiff in a manner completely disproportionate to what they were accusing, him of stealing a candy bar."

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