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Man On Street Randomly Gives $300 To Young Mother

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British mom Kayleigh Moran was shocked when an elderly man stopped her in a crowd and handed her an envelope containing more than $300.

Moran was in Ashton town center in Manchester with her 1-year-old daughter when the man approached her. He handed her an envelope and asked her not to open it until he was out of sight. When Moran opened it, she discovered £200, or about $313. A note was also included that wished her well on Christmas.

“I just couldn’t believe it – I was gobsmacked," Moran told the Daily Mirror. "I can’t believe anyone could be that nice. It has been a big help to me and I just want to tell him thank you.”

Moran used the money to shop for toys and donated them to Manchester Evening News’ and Key 103’s Mission Christmas for needy children. She was also able to pay for a memorial for her grandmother, who died earlier this year and hasn’t yet received a headstone.

“We couldn’t afford a proper grave, just a wooden cross,” Moran said. “But I have bought some ornaments that we’re going to go and put on her grave on Christmas day.”

With the remaining money Moran plans to visit her mother for Christmas, which she wouldn’t have been able to do without the generous gift.

Moran noted that although the man wouldn’t want to be recognized, she wished she could thank him.

Sources: Metro, Mirror / Photo Credit: LinkedIn, Dominic Salter/Mirror


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