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Strange Sea Creatures Found On Huntington Beach (Photos)

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A marine biologist has identified strange looking sea cucumbers that washed up on the shore of Huntington Beach. 

KTLA reports that a number of mysterious jelly-like creatures washed up on Huntington Beach, prompting many to speculate their origin.  Some postulated that they were baby jellyfish, while others said that they were alien life forms.  

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One Facebook user wrote that they felt like “little water balloons popping under my feet, super squishy”  and that thousands of the creatures had washed up all over the beach.  

Another beach-goer claims that the creatures burrowed into the sand.  He says he’s been walking this beach for decades, and never seen or felt anything like this before.  “It feels like Jello,” he said, holding one in his hand. “If you were a little kid, you’d love to have something like this so you can drop down your sister’s shirt.”

According to KCRA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists were baffled as to what the creatures actually are. However, Christopher G. Lowe, a marine biology professor at Cal State Long Beach and director of the university's shark lab, identified them as sea cucumbers.  

As to why they suddenly washed ashore -- who knows?  Some have speculated that the sea cucumbers could be a lasting effect of last year’s El Nino storm. 

Sources: KTLA, KCRA / Photo credit: Don Coursey, Ryan Rustan via KTLA

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