Judge To Woman: Divorce Your Pervert Teacher Husband (Video)

A straight-talking Florida judge advised the wife of a high school teacher being arraigned in court to get a divorce (video below). 

On Mar. 14, Judge Mindy Glazer was hearing the case of Napoleon Joseph, 37, a Miami Edison High School teacher charged with receiving oral sex twice from a 17-year-old student, when she learned his wife was present in the courtroom.

A shocked Glazer expressed surprise she was still with her husband and offered to start the divorce process for her, Daily Mail reports. 

The judge reportedly told the woman: "You're still his wife with these charges? You want the paper for divorce court? I'll give it to you."

According to WQAM, she later gave Joseph's wife a divorce form, in the event she wanted to go that route.

An 18-year-old student confessed to police that she and Joseph had had a sexual relationship when she was still a minor and had sent the teacher naked pictures of herself.

As a result, police arrested Joseph on March 13.

Glazer set bond at $7,500 for Joseph and banned him from going near the victim and the school. 

The woman judge is known for her no-nonsense approach to cases in her courtroom. 

In 2015, she had famously recognized a male inmate in her courtroom as a former classmate of hers. 

She identified the man, Arthur Booth, as a playmate from her days at Nautilus Middle School. 

In court, upon learning of their old acquaintance, Booth broke down in tears and exclaimed more than once: "Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!"

The estranged school fellows agreed to meet after Booth was released on a court program from a 10-month stint in prison in April 2016. 

Video footage of their encounter shows Booth grinning as he embraced his family members first, then Glazer.

The judge then told Booth: "Take care of your family. Try to get a job. Stay clean. You're going to do something good for somebody else."  

In July 2015, Glazer recognized a suspect, Alon Glenn, who was being charged with fraud, as a fellow passenger on a Caribbean cruise ship she had recently been on.

According to Mirror, Glazer saw Glenn being picked up after the Carnival Breeze ship she and her family had been on docked in South Florida.   

She said to Glenn: "[You were] picked up on the cruise, what was it the Breeze?"

Glenn responded: "Yes."

"Me too," said the judge. "Isn't that cool? Did you have a nice cruise? I'm glad to be back at work. I had to watch four kids."

"It was a fun time, huh?" she asked.

Glenn replied: "Yes, but this is crazy."

Judge Glazer said: "I am sorry you have to go through this sir."

She then denied him bond as his case is from Georgia. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WQAM, Mirror / Photo credit: Pixabay

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