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Man Still In Prison For Rape Conviction Despite Another Man's Confession

The story of Clarence Moses-El is complicated and detailed, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon. Moses-El was convicted of raping a woman in 1987 and sentenced to 48 years behind bars, despite insisting that he was innocent.

Moses-El was only named by the victim some time after the rape occurred. The victim had already named three possible suspects, including LC Jackson, but despite her naming the same three people two different times following the rape, police never pursued any of them. A few days after the rape and after naming the three people on separate occasions, the victim told police that the identity of her attacker came to her in a dream. She told authorities that the man who raped her was Moses-El, and immediately after, police arrested him.

There was no physical evidence to show that Moses-El had anything to do with the rape, but a trial still went forward and the man lost.

In the 90s, there were numerous attempts to exonerate Moses-El. At one point, testing was finally ordered on the biological evidence, but Denver, Colorado police wound up throwing the evidence box, labeled “DO NOT DESTROY” in the dumpster in what authorities chalked up to miscommunication. After that, there was no evidence to prove Moses-El’s innocence, and to this day he still remains behind bars.

More recently, LC Jackson came to Moses-El and essentially confessed to committing the crime. Jackson says he was drinking with the victim and the two other people she initially named on the night in question.

“I really don’t know what to say to you,” Jackson reportedly said to Moses-El. “But let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light.  I have a lot on my heart.”

Despite what many believe is essentially a confession on Jackson’s part, an appeals judge won’t overturn Moses-El’s conviction. Still, the man who swears he is innocent says he won’t give up.

“I have sat here, banging my head against the wall, trying to get someone to wake up and listen,” said Moses-El. “But I’m a patient man and a believer in the truth. However long this takes, I know the truth is coming out. People will hear the truth. And it will set me free.”

A popular question about this is case is, why would the victim lie? Well, the victim and Moses-El's spouse reportedly had an "ongoing argument." It is said to have ended with "the victim telling his spouse that she would get even with her."

Colorado’s 9 News reported that they received thousands of tips regarding the Moses-El case just at the end of last month, and although it’s not clear exactly where those tips will lead, many hope they will finally bring forth the truth.


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