Man Steals Toy Car At Gunpoint


This gives an entirely new meaning to the word “carjacking”. On Friday in Kissimmee, Fla, a 35-year-old man approached a 16-year-old boy playing with a remote control car, pointed a gun at him and demanded the toy.

Efrain Burgos-Delgado took the remote control car and left the scene. He returned to the scene a short time later and stole the 16 year old’s cell phone, before leaving again.

Police eventually caught up with Burgos-Delgado and were able to retrieve the stolen property and return it to the owner. The suspect told police he stole the toy car to buy drugs.

Though he left empty-handed in terms of items to sell for drugs, Burgos-Delgado did leave the scene with a list of very serious charges.

For his efforts, has been charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, grand theft, dealing in stolen property, petty theft and resisting without violence.

Sources: Osceola Sheriff,HuffingtonPost


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