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Man Steals Taxi Just Minutes After Being Released From Jail

Just after being released from San Diego Central Jail, a 21-year-old man decided it would be a great idea to steal a taxicab and lead police on a short chase through the city.

Qais Yonisi was released from jail at 6 a.m., and at 6:11 a.m., police received a call from a cab driver saying his vehicle was stolen right outside of the jail. The driver says he was dropping two nurses off who worked at the jail, and as he was doing paperwork in the car, Yonisi ran up behind him and jumped in the back of the cab. Yonisi told that driver that someone was trying to kill him and that he needed to get out of there, but the driver wouldn’t leave. Not long after, Yonisi allegedly kicked the driver out and stole the taxi.

Shortly after, police eventually caught up with Yonisi, but he wouldn’t give up easily. He led authorities on a short chase before eventually surrendering to them. He was arrested and held without bail, facing charges of auto theft.

Yonisi has now apparently pleaded not guilty to the charges, but is awaiting trial. He was originally arrested for a drug offense, but was released after posting bail just minutes before stealing the cab.


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