Man Allegedly Steals iPhone, Accidentally Posts Selfie To iCloud


A New Jersey man did a great job at incriminating himself when he allegedly stole a man’s iPhone, took a selfie and uploaded the picture to the iCloud.

Hoboken resident Dan McLoughlin says he believes his phone was taken from a local Bank of America when he accidentally left it there. McLoughlin realized that he left the phone in the bank as he walked outside, but when he turned around and went back in to retrieve it, the phone was gone.

"It had to be a Bank of America customer," McLoughlin’s wife Annie said.

When Dan tried to ask Bank of America to let them look at surveillance video, they would not allow them to without a police warrant. Dan and Annie soon discovered a man’s mirror selfie on their iCloud and realized that it was the person who stole their phone. In an attempt to identify him, the couple posted the picture on the Hoboken Happenings Facebook page.

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"Everybody was sending us private messages saying what a jerk this guy was," Annie McLoughlin said. “With social media at your fingertips and documenting every moment of your life, it could come back and bite you.”

Despite their efforts to identify the thief through their June 29 post, Dan and Annie were unable to find out any information, and they have now decided to let it go.

"We were done with exposing it," McLoughlin said. "We moved on."

While the thief may have gotten away this time, he probably will not be taking more selfies any time soon. 

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