Man Steals 11-Year-Old Boy's Bike Outside McDonald's (Video)

Bryan Garcia,11, got a new BMX bike from his mother two weeks ago as a reward for improving his school grades.

However, an unidentified man stole the bike outside a McDonald's in Elk Grove, Calif., on Wednesday,

Fortunately, the bike thief was caught on a surveillance video (below) and police are hoping to track him down.

“I flipped it over so the handle bars were right here and then the rest of it was laying right there,” Garcia told CBS Sacramento at the McDonald's.

On Wednesday, Garcia and his cousins were riding their bikes in a nearby park when they stopped at the McDonald's for a snack.

Garcia left his bike outside for only eight minutes, which was all it took for the thief to steal the bike and ride away.

Moments later, Garcia walked into the parking lot and started looking for his new $400 bike.

“I worked hard to save up for the bike and it’s not right,” said Garcia's mother Florita Duran. “Please return my son’s bike. That was his reward for working hard.”

Apparently, bike theft is big business in Northern California these days. Police in Folsom, Calif., recently recovered 17 Trek bicycles with a combined worth of $15,000 in a sting operation.

The cops went undercover to buy a stolen bike from Ishkan Amirkhanyan, who was allegedly trying to sell the Trek bicycles, which were taken from a local bike store in April, notes the Sacramento Bee.

Amirkhanyan was booked on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

Sources: Sacramento Bee and CBS Sacramento


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