Phoenix Man Arrested For Starving His Dog To Death In An Attempt To Win Back His Ex-Girlfriend

A Phoenix, Arizona man who starved his dog to death as a means of trying to win his ex-girlfriend back has been arrested and charged, according to police.

38-year-old Luis Moreno is now facing domestic violence and animal cruelty charges after viciously starving Wiggles, the former couple’s pit bull terrier. According to reports, Moreno and his ex-girlfriend adopted the dog in 2008, but after breaking up in 2012, Moreno decided to use the dog as bait in a last ditch effort to get her to come back to him.

Authorities say Moreno first texted his ex-girlfriend, saying, “Wiggles is dead. I hope you’re happy, bitch.” When his former lover called him out of concern, he revealed that the dog actually wasn’t dead. She, again, rejected him. Once more, he used the dog as part of his effort to win her back, this time telling her it was sick. Still, the ex-girlfriend refused to come back. Finally, Moreno went to extremes and starved the dog until it looked emaciated and sent a picture of it to the woman.

Moreno’s ex once again turned him down, so he decided to turn Wiggles over to animal control. At that point, the dog was so malnourished that they had no other option than to put him down.

“It is sick and bizarre what some people do to animals, how they use and abuse them,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Now, Moreno has been arrested and is currently facing serious charges for starving the dog to death. During his arrest, Moreno was found to have been in possession of marijuana, so he is also facing drug-related charges on top of animal cruelty.


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