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Man Stands Trial After Deadly '50 Shades of Grey' Sex Game with Girlfriend

Trial has been set for a Swedish man who killed his girlfriend while playing a "Fifty Shades of Grey" inspired sex game. 

The German woman was 28 years old when she died after he hit her 123 times with a wooden blackboard pointer and bound her up in nylon tights and condoms. 

The man, 31, said he was her "master" and she was a "sex slave" in their games. 

Their relationship seemed to be getting too intense before her death, as she wrote in her diary that he was causing her real, physical pain.

"You once said you did not want to see me in real pain," she wrote. "I am subservient but no masochist."

The incident occurred in October when they were playing a violent sex game and she suddenly stopped breathing. The man attempted to revive her before the ambulance arrived at his home in Umea, Sweden. 

She was in the hospital for two days before her life support machines were turned off. 

Her death was caused by brain damage due to her airways being restricted. 

She was a German exchange student who traveled to Sweden to meet her boyfriend, a man she had met previously and had kept in touch with online. 

After nine days of living in Sweden, the woman died. 

Before her death, authorities said she had been taking a cocaine substitute and drinking alcohol. 

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A prosecutor said her death was caused by her mouth being stuffed with something. 

"It is our belief he is directly responsible for her death," local prosecutor Asa Jonsson said. His trial for manslaughter is to begin next week.


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