Man Stabs Wife To Death, Jumps Out 8th Story Window (Photos)

Man Stabs Wife To Death, Jumps Out 8th Story Window (Photos) Promo Image

A New York couple's argument turned deadly when a man stabbed his wife multiple times before leaping out the window and plummeting to his death on Sept. 10.

The row reportedly started over a trip that 53-year-old Bernarda Ferreiras was planning to the Dominican Republic with her mother, who had a home there that had just been renovated, according to DNA Info.

But things escalated, and Bernarda's husband, 69-year-old Francisco Ferreiras, stabbed her repeatedly in their eighth-floor home in Manhattan, New York, at approximately 9:18 p.m. that night.

Francisco then walked to the window in his bedroom and hopped out.

Bernarda's mother was staying in the apartment with them at the time, though it is unclear if she was present during the murder-suicide.

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"They were arguing and then there was one loud scream from the woman," a neighbor, who did not wish to be identified, told the New York Daily News. "Then I heard what was the man's body hit the ground. It was a loud boom. I looked out the window and I knew he was dead."

Another neighbor, Martiza Carmona, said that she "thought somebody had thrown something off the building -- something heavy" when she heard Francisco's body hit the pavement, according to DNA Info.

"I can't forget because the only thing I hear is that [thump]," she recalled.

Some people said that though Bernarda and Francisco lived together, she was planning to leave him, notes the New York Daily News.

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When officers arrived at the apartment, they found the wife bleeding from a number of stab wounds to her chest, and there was a knife nearby.

They rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

"This has been a surprise," said Luis Caraballo, the apartment manager who has lived in the building for 17 years, according to DNA Info. "They were friendly people. He used to ask me to go to his apartment for coffee when he saw me working on his floor."

He said that Francisco had a grandson and "was very happy."

Carmona said she too was surprised by the incident. She said that she talked to Bernarda "many times" and found the Ferreiras to be "good people."

Neighbors said that the couple had three daughters, reports the New York Daily News.

"When you'd see them together they were always smiling," a neighbor said. "They always said hi. We're shocked right now, just shocked. We would have never suspected something like this."

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