Man Stabs Dog Nine Times For Defecating On Floor

Police charged a Michigan man for animal torture after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s dog nine times for defecating on the floor Feb. 1.

Investigations began soon after the ex-girlfriend of Patrick Edward Oconnor, 24, dropped her dog, Harley-Quin, off at an animal hospital, the New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch reports.

While the woman told the hospital the dog had been stabbed, she did not divulge her ex-boyfriend was the culprit for fear of retaliation.

Harley-Quinn’s stab wounds were life-threatening; one even punctured her lung. Doctors were forced to perform emergency surgery on the animal.

Veterinarian Madeline Lutz said it was surprising the dog survived.

"Knowing where the abscesses are, how did it miss her heart? We just don't know,” she said, reports Fox News. "It’s scary that there's people like that in this world."

The ex-girlfriend soon relinquished ownership of the dog. Lutz, who helped saved Harley-Quinn’s life, plans to adopt her and “spoil her rotten.”

"I don't know. She was just different. There's something about her,” Lutz said, adding that “She's very sweet, she's very lucky and she's come a long way.”

When questioned about the stabbing, Oconnor said, “I did what I did,” and confessed that he had an alcohol and anger management problem.

In addition to being charged with the felony, Patrick Edward Oconnor, 24, was also arrested shortly before the incident on unrelated domestic violence charges.

He reportedly assaulted a 29-year-old acquaintance.

Oconnor is currently in jail on a $20,000 bond. While the domestic violence charge amounts to a 93-day sentence, the animal abuse may result in four years.

On Feb. 9 in Florida, another man, Houston Spencer, 25, was also accused of stabbing his girlfriend’s dog, WFLA reports.

After stabbing the dog, he reportedly left her house without saying anything. He is now being charged with cruelty to animals.

The dog had also been severely beaten and suffered internal injuries, which resulted in it coughing up blood.

Sources: New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch, Fox NewsWFLA / Photo Credit: Fox News

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