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Man Stabbed for Accidental Bump During Cell Phone Texting

A 33-year-old man was stabbed in the heart early this morning in Toronto, Canada, after he accidentally bumped into another man while texting on his cell phone.

The incident happened at Yonge-Dundas Square at about 12:30 a.m. There was a second man with the male suspect whose picture (above) was released by Toronto police to the media.

"[The victim] inadvertently bumped shoulders with one of the two male suspects," Det. Jason Shankaran told "This perceived slight was taken very seriously by these two males, and they attacked him. Unknown to the two suspects was that the victim was very able to protect himself."

“The victim apparently thought it was all over with, so he let his guard down and was about to go his own way when one of the men pulled out what appears to be a knife,” added Det. Shankaran. “He ran at the victim and stabbed him once in chest, piercing his heart.”

The victim collapsed, but a bystander called for an ambulance. When paramedics arrived, the victim didn't have a pulse, but was revived and taken to a local hospital where he was rushed into cardiac surgery. He is reportedly in critical, but stable condition.

According to the Toronto Sun, the second man, Mohamed Ali, was arrested today and charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, but police are still looking for the man who allegedly did the stabbing.

Police believe the suspect (pictured above) is white or Middle Eastern, 5' 8", and has dark short hair with a beard under his chin.

Sources: Toronto Sun, (Image Credit: Toronto Police Handout)


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