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Man In St. Louis Marches Alone After Death Of 9-Year-Old

One man recently stood alone in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri, to protest the death of the 9-year-old girl shot dead in her own home in nearby Ferguson, reports TheBlaze.

Jamyla Bolden was sitting on her mother’s bed on Aug. 18 while she did her homework when shots suddenly fired into the house. While her mother was hit in the leg, Jamyla was wounded more seriously and died not long after. Police have yet to arrest anyone for the incident.

While the streets of St. Louis recently saw massive protests for the shooting of Mansur Ball-Bey, no one, except for one man, came out to stand for the young victim.

Although he did not personally know Jamyla, Shawn Williams walked around a busy St. Louis intersection on Aug. 19 with a makeshift cardboard sign that read “stand up 4 Jamyla Bolden,” according to TheBlaze.

Kimmy Brooks was passing Williams and, in awe of his one-man march for the little girl, she took to her social media account to publicize his protest.

“This man is Shawn Williams. He is standing alone, walking around at the intersection of Page and Union. He wants justice for Jamyla. Many of us do,” she posted on her Facebook. “Yet he stands alone.”

Brooks’ post raised awareness of the small protest, sparking another Facebook user, Eric Stillthesamesize Strickland, to post a video of Williams.

“Shooting at little girls, shooting at people’s houses. Somebody don’t kill this little girl. It’s up to the community. If I have to stand out here all day, it’s up to people like me, to make somebody feel some type of way to go to the authorities and say ‘I know what happened,’” Williams stated in the video.

While few protested in St. Louis over the child’s death, in Ferguson, hundreds gathered together on Aug. 20 for a vigil. During the event, people released balloons in Jamyla’s favorite color, pink, according to KMOV.

“We have to keep thinking about the blessed opportunity we had to encounter her presence,” said Teressa Kindle, Bolden’s teacher at Koch Elementary, reports Fox News. “Everyone knew her drive for success: academic success, behavioral success, any success — kickball success, jump rope success.”

Sources: TheBlaze, KMOV, Fox News / Photo credit: Facebook via TheBlaze


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