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Man Sprays Store Employees with Ether in Robbery Attempt (Video)

Steven Klingensmith was arrested after allegedly spraying two employees with ether during an attempted robbery of Betty Lou’s Convenience Store in Green Township, Pennsylvania.

The alleged robbery attempt occurred on Aug. 9 at around 8:50 p.m.

A recently released surveillance video (below) shows Klingensmith walk up to the store counter and allegedly demand money.

However, when the cashier refused to hand over the money, Klingensmith reported sprayed him in the face with a bottle of ether, which is sold in the store as "Starting Fluid."

According to police, Klingensmith then sprayed ether at Randy Thompson, a store security guard.

Klingensmith ran out of the store and got into his car, but Thompson was able to shoot out one of the tires with his handgun.

“It wasn’t frightening it was exacerbating, you work hard, and some boo boo walks in and thinks they’re entitled to put someone’s life in danger. Just because we’re out in the sticks, don’t mean we’re hicks,” Thompson told CBS Pittsburgh.

Klingensmith drove about 20 miles, but state police tracked him by following the pieces of the tattered tire.

He was arrested and locked up in the Indiana County Jail, where he admitted to the robbery. No word on his bail amount.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh


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