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Man Convicted Of Race Crime Against Baby Avoids Jail

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Rezzas Abdulla was spared jail time by a court in England after being convicted of committing racially motivated assault against a 9-month-old baby after he spat into her face and shouted, "White people shouldn't breed."

The attack occurred January 2016 as baby Layla-Jean sat in her stroller, pushed along by her mother, Rebecca Telford. 

Telford explained to the court that she was walking down a street in South Shields, England, when Abdulla leaned into the stroller without warning and spat on her child.

A passerby stopped to give Telford a tissue to clean the saliva from Layla-Jean's face, but when Telford tried to confront Abdulla he told her to "shut the f*** up" and walked away, reported The Shields Gazette.

"There is something viscerally horrible and disgusting about spitting at someone," Darren Preston, the court official handling the case, said during sentencing. "Particularly in the face and to do so to a baby was particularly disgusting, let alone, to make things even worse, when your motivation for doing so is racial hatred."

"You have got a problem, it seems to me, with white women," Preston added, according to The Newcastle Chronicle.

The Newcastle Crown Court judge who heard the case said Abdulla has had two previous convictions for similar crimes of hate-driven attacks against white women. 

Abdulla received an eight-month sentence, but the court suspended that sentence, with psychiatric requirements, after hearing evidence that Abdulla's deteriorating mental health and hospitalizations leading up to the attack may have been a contributing factor in his actions. 

Abdulla sought psychiatric treatment between July and September 2016, after the attack, which has continued since then, reports the Independent.  

"South Shields is really multicultural and I have never witnessed anything like this before," Telford told reporters after the sentencing hearing. "I am glad he has been brought to justice, but I think he has got off lightly."​

Sources: The Shields Gazette, Newcastle Chronicle, Independent / Photo credit: Nikole Gipps/Flickr

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