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Man Spends $71K Fighting A $178 Speeding Ticket

An Australian man has reportedly spent more than $70,000 fighting a $178 speeding ticket.

Mustafa Al Shakarji, who immigrated to Australia from Iraq in 2002, was pulled over by police in March 2012 for allegedly driving 54 mph in a 37 mph speed zone, 9News reports.

Al Shakarji secretly recorded his encounter with the officer on his watch.

Police were also recording the incident and his speed was caught by radar.

Al Shakarji denies he was speeding.

“I was not speeding, sir,” Al Shakarji tells the officer in his video.

The radar may have been operating incorrectly.

"Devices should not be used in a heavily built up area and in this case it was an extremely heavily built up area," radar laser consultant Roy Zegers said. “The whole operation by the operator of the device comes into question because you are now using a device outside the guidelines."

In the police video, the radar is mounted on the steering wheel column instead of the dashboard, which may cause inconsistencies in the reading, Al Shakarji has argued.

Al Shakarji has been involved in five court cases to fight his speeding ticket and now plans to take the matter to the Australian High Court, the country's highest court.

He has spent at least $70,000 fighting the $178 ticket, according to Zegers.

"I am sure, 100 percent, finally justice will be served. If not at this level, it will be the next. If not today, it will be tomorrow," Al Shakarji said.

This is the second time Al Shakarji has fought a speeding ticket in Australia. In 2011 he used Google Earth images in his case to prove police issued the speeding ticket to the wrong car, The Australian reported.

The presiding judge in the case ruled in Al Shakarji’s favor, stating there was reasonable doubt as to whether he was speeding.

Sources: 9News, The Australian / Photo credit: 9News

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