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Cops Search For Man Who Recorded Girl In Changing Room

Police in Frisco, Texas, are searching for a man who reportedly used his cell phone to record a video of an underage girl inside a Target dressing room.

Authorities said the girl was in the women's changing room on May 3 when a man peered over the wall with his cell phone pointed at her and recording.

The man had already left the store by the time the girl alerted her parents and Target employees. A profile of the "peeping tom" was caught on store cameras, showing a thin white man with black hair, 5-foot-11, wearing a baseball cap, jeans and a red t-shirt, the Dallas Morning News reports.  Frisco police are currently seeking the public's help in identifying the man.

"With the phones where you can do anything you want, it's kinda scary," parent Melonie Arbet told Fox 4 News after hearing about the incident.

Others agreed with Arbet's sentiment.

Melissa Tollinger said it is important for parents who give cell phones to their kids to make sure they understand how to use them and the consequences of using them in the wrong way.

"They don't realize the ramifications of sending one text," she said. "Once it's out there, it's out there. Taking a picture and doing a snapchat or whatever. I think they're too young to realize the implications of it."

The suspect faces a charge of invasive visual recording, which is a state felony.

Sources: Dallas Morning News, Fox 4 News / Photo Credit: Dallas Morning News

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