Man In Socks Chases Down Teenagers After They Attacked Elderly Woman

A Sacramento, California, man wearing socks but no shoes chased a pair of teenagers for over five miles after they allegedly attacked an elderly woman outside his house.

Cody Hendrix told CBS 13 that he opened his front door after hearing a loud car crash outside.

“She’s got blood from her head down to her chest, she’s bleeding all over, and they are about to round the corner,” said Hendrix of the scene, according to CBS 13.

Hendrix immediately took off after William Dexter, 18, and a 16-year-old girl, while his sister remained behind to assist the 73-year-old woman with her injuries.

“She had lacerations across her arms, she had to get 14 staples in her head, she had two large wounds,” Chelsea Jones, Hendrix’s sister, said.

According to police, the two teens flagged down the woman to ask for a ride home.

But they allegedly led her to Eastwood Road, described by Hendrix as a quiet street, where they attacked her with a crowbar and attempted to steal her car.

“I didn’t want them to leave; I didn’t want them to get away,” Hendrix added.

This determination resulted in Hendrix following the teenagers through several neighborhoods, over fences and down busy roads, CBS reported.

After an hour, the teens gave up and sat down on a bench at an elementary school.

“About three minutes later, I see the cop rolling through next to the park, the school and waved him down,” Hendrix said.

Both teens were detained by police, with the 16-year-old going in to juvenile custody. Dexter was also reportedly wanted for another offense in Placer County.

Hendrix explained that the thought of his own grandmother helped him during the grueling chase.

“If that happened to her I’d be distraught,” he said. “They picked a nice quiet street and it was the wrong street. I’m not a religious man but someone was watching out for her that day.”

The rates of nonfatal violent crime against the elderly is lower than that of younger people, according to the Bureau of Justice. Roughly 59 percent of the time, however, the crimes occur at or around their home.

Sources: CBS 13, BJS

Photo Credit: Newslocker, Reddit


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