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Man Has Miley Cyrus Tattoos, Wants Them Gone (Photos)

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After spending more than $4,000 on Miley Cyrus tattoos, a man is trying his best to remove all 29 of them, in part because they are impeding his love life.

Carl McCoid from Bridlington, England, got his first tattoo of the controversial pop star after his divorce in 2010. Although he "never thought [he] would regret it," he eventually realized "it got to the point where it was getting obsessive," as reported by the Daily Mail.

McCoid gained several thousand Twitter followers after his story first hit the media in 2011. Miley Cyrus herself commented on his tattoos during an interview, and her official Twitter account blocked him for a while, according to Mirror.

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"I’m pretty thick-skinned but [the negative attention] did affect me," he said. "I got really anxious and paranoid, thinking if I walk down the street, people will [recognize] me and I might get negativity. It was quite frightening at the time."

The 43-year-old said people struggle to look past his tattoos, which have also "stopped him from getting a girlfriend," according to Hull Daily Mail.

"The conversation just seems to be [centered] around [the tattoos] and it just gets boring," he explained. "I feel like I can't move on."

Furthermore, he wants to leave this phase of his life behind him and no longer wishes to be associated with Miley Cyrus.

"She used to be the girl next door but she's losing a lot of fans," he said.

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In 2015, McCoid started to remove his tattoos with laser treatments. He looks back on his tattoos as "an obsession that got out of control."

"It had a physiological effect where I just didn't feel right," he said. "I felt trapped and I just wanted to take the tattoos off. It was awful."

McCoid, who runs an ironing business out of his home, has been working seven days a week in order to fund his tattoo removal. He has also opted to cover up some tattoos with other designs to speed up the process. 

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In May 2016, he began the process to remove his largest tattoo, a portrait of the popstar’s face across his torso.

"That really hurt," he said of the experience. "It was ten times worse than getting them, but I'm not bothered how much pain I have to go through. I feel set free and it feels great to be getting rid of them."

Sources: Hull Daily Mail, Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Hull Daily Mail, Mirror

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