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Man Snaps Photo of His Own Killer Second Before Murder

A Filipino politician, who was taking a photo of his family, inadvertently took a picture of a gunman pointing a weapon at him. A split second after the photo was snapped, the photographer was shot dead.

Reynaldo Dagsa, 35, was taking the photo in Manila on New Year's Day when the gunman stepped out from behind a car, took aim and fired. It seemed he had a beef against Dagsa because Dagsa had ordered his arrest for allegedly stealing cars.

Dagsa was hit on his right forearm and in the chest -- and was dead by the time he arrived at the hospital.

The man's wife gave the camera to police, who identified the gunman as Michael Gonzales. He was quickly arrested.

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An accomplice can also be seen in the photo above, looking on on the right -- police are still looking for him. A third accomplice not in the photo is also wanted.

Shootings are common in the Philipines, where cheap guns are readily available on the black market.


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