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Man Snaps After Finishing Counseling Session With Wife

A man from Rancho Bernardo, a community in San Diego, California, pleaded guilty to murdering his wife outside of their marriage counselor's office in nearby Scripps Ranch, the Daily Mail reports.

Jeremy Green, 40, shot his estranged wife, Tressa, outside of the counseling office following a session. He then crossed into Mexico where he later surrendered himself, pleading to a first-degree murder charge on Oct. 7.

Following the incident, which happened on June 6, Jeremy left his silver Corvette in a Jack in the Box parking lot in San Ysidro, California, changed clothes and crossed the nearby border with Mexico on foot, according to NBC New York. Authorities tracked Jeremy to Cancun, where they negotiated terms of surrender.

At his arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Julie Lynn said the defendant and the Tressa attended a counseling session on June 6 at Jeremy's suggestion, at around 1 p.m., reports CBS 8. When the session ended at 2 p.m., Tressa tried to enter Jeremy's car on the passenger side.

While Jeremy was presumably getting ready to leave the area, he went to the trunk to retrieve a shotgun, Lynn said. Jeremy then shot his estranged wife three times and left her for dead.

Several hours after the shooting, CBS reported that a shotgun was found underneath a freeway ramp at Marian Bear Park, about 8 miles from where Tressa's murder took place. Police declined to say whether or not the shotgun is the weapon Jeremy used.

Jeremy initially pled not guilty during the arraignment. A judge set his bail at $5 million and considered him a flight risk. He has been jailed at the George Bailey Detention Facility since June 12. Because he pleaded guilty, Jeremy's sentencing has been set for Dec. 11 and he faces up to 35 years in prison.

Jeremy and Tressa had filed for divorce in April. The couple had been married since 2005, and had two children together.

Sources: Daily MailNBC New YorkCBS 8 / Photo credit: NBC New York


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