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Police: Man Throws Kitten Against Wall, Posts Video On Snapchat (Warning: Disturbing Video)

He may have attempted first-degree murder, but that’s not why people hate him.

Police say that they have evidence connecting 28-year-old Damion Looney, of Wichita, Kansas, to a shocking video (below), in which somebody throws a 16-week-old kitten against a wall twice early Friday morning, reports the Daily Caller.

The Snapchat video went viral on Sunday. Captioned “This day calls for this,” the footage shows somebody, believed to be Looney, holding a small orange and white kitten. Another caption appears, which says, “I hate cats I killed Damions dog.”

Then, the hand throws the kitten against a wall. The animal cries out and drags itself, visibly injured, behind a bicycle. The abuser does it a second time.

Warning: Disturbing Footage

Shortly after the video, the kitten, which belonged to Looney’s 23-year-old girlfriend, was taken to a local animal hospital for treatment. It ended up having to be euthanized, police said at a press conference Monday.

While, in the video, Looney referenced his dog dying, no dog was harmed during the incident. Looney’s dog reportedly died earlier in the year and was not abused, as far as police know.

According to police, Looney and his 23-year-old girlfriend got into a fight at a club late Thursday night, reports The Wichita Eagle. Security kicked them both out when Looney pepper sprayed his girlfriend.

Looney arrived at the house they shared first, and then is when he allegedly took the gruesome Snapchat video. He then posted the video to his girlfriend's account, while also claiming that she killed his dog.

“We have tied the video back to him,” Lt. Jeff Gilmore said. “At this time, he is our only suspect in this case.

He later added: “There was some vindictiveness there. He was doing this and putting it out there to harm her.”

The woman returned home with a male friend for protection. Authorities believe that Looney fired four shots, one of which hit her friend in the face. She called friends to help, one of whom Looney reportedly pistol-whipped.

Looney left the residence, but police arrested him a few blocks away the next morning.

He is charged with several counts related to the assault and attempted murder, but officials have not yet added animal cruelty charges.

Looney is being held in the Sedgwick County Jail pending a $250,000 bail.

Sources: Daily Caller, Wichita Eagle
Photo Credit: Sedgwick County


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