Man Murders Seven-Year-Old Daughter And Uploads Photos Of Her Body To Facebook

A disturbed Filipino man threatened to kill his seven-year-old daughter if his wife didn’t return home from overseas work, and when the estranged spouse didn’t respond to his threats, he took to Facebook to prove he was a man of his word.

31-year-old Mark Alvin Manliclic posted a picture of his daughter’s dead body on Facebook after brutally murdering her. Prior to the killing, his wife had left him for work in Canada, and after repeated attempts to get her to come home, Manliclic decided he would threaten her. According to reports, the suspect wrote his wife Facebook messages, threatening that if she didn’t come back home, he would murder their child, seven-year-old Angel.

“The wife was apparently unable to answer some of his messages, so the suspect eventually got mad and said he would kill his daughter should the wife refuse to come home,” said Chief Rodelio Marcelo.

Relatives say that early in the morning on Tuesday, they were woken up by Manliclic. He told them that he had killed his daughter, and at first they didn’t believe him. Unfortunately, his claims were true, and the family members called the police.

Manliclic disturbingly snapped pictures of his daughter after slitting her throat and decided to post them to Facebook, even making one his profile picture. When relatives saw the pictures on Manliclic’s Facebook profile, they also noticed an open chat window with his mother in which he confessed to the crime.

Manliclic is now in jail and facing murder charges. Police say he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the murder and are running tests to see if he may have been using drugs as well.

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