Father Who Did Something Awful To 2-Year-Old Learns His Fate, Shows No Remorse


Michigan resident Donovan Haynes was sentenced to 18 years in prison this week for the fatal 2011 beating of his 2-year-old daughter, Ti’Airra Woodward.

Haynes, 23, said he beat Woodward in hopes of turning her gay so she would avoid men who were prone to abusing women, like him.

Haynes reportedly appeared unapologetic in court as Judge Joseph J. Farah sentenced him to 18-40 years in prison. Farah called Haynes' crime “astonishing” and said it was one of the most despicable acts he’s encountered during his 25 years on the bench.

“You don’t bear her in hopes she’s going to turn gay,” MLive reports Farah saying as he scolded Haynes.

Even Haynes' own attorney, Elbert Hatchett, vouched for him to be imprisoned.

Prior to the reading of Haynes' sentencing, Hatchett called the man “deranged.”

"This case is a case that defies reason, logic, common sense," Hatchett said. "[It's a] tragedy to see the life of an innocent child snuffed out for no reason at all … I don't have any sympathy for him. Hopefully, judge, he will repent."

Towards the end of the trial, Haynes criticized Hatchett for not trying to work out a plea deal to net him less prison time. Hatchett told Judge Farah that regardless of the plea deal, Haynes was being pressured by his family to push the case to a trial. A trial, Hatchett said, is something Haynes had no chance of winning.

"There is no likelihood -- none -- that he would be found not guilty by a jury of his peers," Hatchett told Farah.

Nakeesha Woodward, mother of the slain 2-year-old, said Haynes had no remorse for his crime.

“I lost a child,” she said. “I felt he was playing with the court. He has no remorse.”

Sources: MLive, MailOnline


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