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Man Shows Up To His Attorney's Office With A Dead Body

John Marshall allegedly walked into his attorney’s law firm in Fort Meyers, Florida, on March 4 and informed his lawyer that his dead neighbor’s body was in his pickup truck.

Marshall told his attorney, Robert Harris, that he got into an altercation over property work with his neighbor, Ted Hubbell, and shot him in self defense. He then brought the body to Harris because he didn’t know who else he could trust, News-Press reported. Harris had advised Marshall to seek a restraining order against Hubbell before this incident.

Marshall has a pending charge involving assault with a weapon, but Harris did not provide any more information.

"It's the cleanest-cut case of self defense I've ever seen," Harris said. "I believe he's in shock — probably now still," Harris said, after Marshall arrived at his office. "He's still breathing heavy. He's looking like a man who lost the world."

Marshall has not been charged with anything yet and he was treated for his injuries at Lee Memorial Hospital.

"They don't teach you about this in law school. That's for sure,” Harris said. "I believe we've handled ourselves correctly, but I'm a little in shock myself. This is not something that happens every day.”

Source: News-Press

Image: Screen Capture via News-Press


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