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Man Attacks Elderly Woman On Street

Police are searching for a man who attacked an 84-year-old woman in lower Manhattan, causing injuries that sent her to the hospital.

The man allegedly put his hand on the elderly woman's face and pushed her, sending her falling backwards where she hit her head on the pavement, WPIX reports. The attack occurred on June 11 around 6 p.m. Police say that the man fled the scene shortly after the attack.

The woman suffered a cut on the back of her head. She was treated at Bellevue Hospital, where she was reported to be in stable condition.

Police are still looking for the man, who was seen on nearby security camera footage wearing a green tank top with black pants and white sneakers.

"It's scary, because at that age you're not able to protect yourself," said Crystal, a 74-year-old woman passing through the area where the attack took place. "I mean, she's not suddenly going to pull out her karate belt and beat the guy to death. I mean, she's helpless."

"Once it's shown on TV, people will be more vigilant and look for this guy," said a woman who lives in the area. "It happens to old people all the time, they're the victims of a lot of things."

"This has been a very low crime area, so to hear about something like this ... fortunately, there were no weapons involved," she added. "This is not something we would expect on these streets."

In a similar story in May, an 83-year-old man was seriously injured in an attack in the Bronx.

The man was walking on the street on May 8 when another man punched him the face for no discernible reason, according to police. The elderly man was knocked unconscious and was rushed to a hospital in critical condition.

He was reported to be recovering in stable condition, but suffered a fractured nose and injuries to his face in the unprovoked attack.

The attacker was described as being in his 30s, around 260 pounds and 5 feet 9 inches, wearing a sweater with a blue baseball cap and blue jeans with yellow boots.

The victim's son, Miguel Santos, described his father's injuries.

"Never seen him that way," said Santos, according to WCBS. "He was just there unconscious."

"It seems like he’s trying to wake up but he can't," Santos said. "He can’t open his eyes, can’t open his left eye at all. It’s swollen shut."

Santos said the attacker's motive was unclear, and that his father's cash and credit cards were still with him after the incident.

"It's the youth today, you know, and it's unfortunate that these things is happening," said a passerby. "That's what they do. They prey on the defenseless."

Sources: WPIX (2), WCBS / Photo credit: Pedro Ribero Simoes/Flickr

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