Man Shot Ten Times with Assault Weapon Outside Carl's Jr. Restaurant (Video)


An unidentified man in National City, Calif., was shot 10 times with an assault rifle while standing outside a Carls’ Jr. fast food restaurant (video below).

According to KNSD-TV, a county medical examiner’s office report said that a 43-year-old victim died after being gunned down on Saturday.

Police Lt. Robert Rounds said that the victim had been hit with 10 bullets at range of less than 15 feet.

“We were over here at the golf course just hitting some balls and we hear a loud ‘boom,’” said witness Muhammed Camran. “The first one was really distinctive like ‘boom-boom-boom-boom’ and we kind of ducked because it was out of nowhere.”

“I was helping a customer, looking at dog food, and then all of a sudden we heard all of the gunshot. Then I went out and thought it could have been someone's backfire from a truck, but I didn’t think that much, and then I looked further away and there was a guy just lying there,” said Trevor Hermann, who works at a local Pet Smart.

Source: KNSD-TV


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