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Man Shot By Police Left Suicide Notes Behind And Claims He Made Cops Kill Him

A 32-year-old suicidal man from San Francisco reportedly left a note claiming he was too scared to take his own life, so he aimed a fake gun at police officers in the hopes that they would kill him.

Matthew Hoffman was shot and killed by cops on Sunday night after he reportedly entered a police station parking lot and pulled out a weapon that looked like a handgun, but turned out to be an air gun that shoots pellets or BBs, reports the Daily Mail.

Three officers allegedly noticed him in the restricted lot and ordered him to leave the premises. Hoffman reportedly started to walk away, but then stood his ground in the middle of the driveway and blocked officers from leaving.

After they ordered him again to leave, Hoffman reportedly lifted his sweater and showed them what looked like a gun.

Hoffman was reportedly shot by three bullets fired by two sergeants, reports USA Today. He was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital, where he died a few hours later from gunshot wounds.

The man reportedly left several notes behind on his phone in an attempt to explain his actions so that police officers wouldn’t feel responsible and guilty for killing him. With the permission of his father, police have released details from some of the notes.

In one of the notes, Hoffman reportedly wrote that the officers “ended the life of a man who was too much of a coward to do it himself.” He continued: “Please, don’t blame yourself. I used you. I took advantage of you.”

A resident named Joann Kuhl told reporters that her greatest concern after the shooting was that it might “fuel the fire of a really bad state of affairs between police and the community.”

You can read Hoffman's full note below (via Buzzfeed):

Dear Officer(s),

You did nothing wrong. You ended the life of a man who was too much of a coward to do it himself. I provoked you. I threatened your life as well as the lives of those around me. You were completely within your legal rights to do what you did. You followed protocols. You did everything right. I just want to find peace within myself. I am so sad and I am so lonely. There is no place for me here. Please, don’t blame yourself. I used you. I took advantage of you. I am so lost and I am so hopeless. God made a mistake with me. I shouldn’t be here. Please, take solace in knowing that the situation was out of your control. You had no other choice.

Sources: Daily Mail, USA TodayBuzzfeed/Photo Credit: AP


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