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Man Shot, Killed By Kansas Police After Being Argumentative (Video)

John Quintero was killed by a police officer in Wichita, Kansas, after a verbal argument on Saturday night.

Police were called to a home where Quintero had allegedly held a knife to the throat of one resident and threatened other residents, noted KSN (video below).

However, when police arrived, Quintero was sitting in a SUV with his 44-year-old father. The car was parked on the driveway outside the home

Police told both men to get out of the SUV. Quintero got out, but refused to put his hands up. He got into a verbal argument with police officers and disobeyed their orders, prompting one of the officers to use a Taser on him.

Quintero allegedly reached towards his waistband and a second officer fired two shots at his abdomen. However, no gun was found on Quintero.

The Associated Press notes that police didn't say if a knife was found on Quintero, who was taken to a local hospital where he died at 12:55 a.m. this morning.

The Wichita Police Department, Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Sedgwick County District Attorney are conducting an investigation of the fatal shooting.

Wichita Police have not released any details about the verbal argument, or whether the officers were wearing body cameras.

Witness Dustin Deckard told The Wichita Eagle:

“It was very eerie, because the shooting must have occurred seconds after. When I passed, I slowed down, so I only got a couple seconds of a view. I saw the passenger; it was clearly a younger man in his early 20s of Hispanic descent, and he was wearing a blue jersey and he had his hands up. He was behind the SUV, and the female officer was mostly directly in front of him, a little bit to his left. Both the officers were on either side of him, but he was facing the female officer who had her rifle up, and she was looking down the sight.”

Sources: KSN, Associated Press, The Wichita Eagle
Image Credit: KSN Screenshot


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