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Man Shot By Cop Takes Police Department to Court

A man shot by a police officer in his home is suing the West Sacramento Police Department, claiming to have a “mountain of evidence” that the shooting was unprompted and unwarranted.

Officers from the West Sacramento, Calif. police department responded to a domestic disturbance call in July 2012 by entering the home of Kevin Hughey and shooting him point-blank, though he was unarmed. Hughey said he had been arguing with his wife, but the dispute had cooled.

Hughey told News 10 that an officer was “actually kicking in the door.”

"I stepped back to get out of the way of the door as it flung open," Hughey said. "I immediately saw an officer with his gun drawn. I started to put my hands up and before I could even move, he shot me."

Hughey was taken to the hospital with a “blood gushing form Hughey’s left side,” according to the civil lawsuit he filed in the U.S. District court in Sacramento against the police department. The suit states that the "police literally shackled Hughey to his hospital bed" after he had surgery to remove the bullet, which had been lodged between two vertebrae.

"Obviously, not in any risk of going anywhere, but they shackled me to the bed and put me under 24-hour armed guard," Hughey said.

Hughey said he wasn't permitted to see or speak to his family, who didn’t even know if he was still alive. On top of that, he was charged with resisting arrest.

Since then, the officer who shot Hughey, Christ Wright, a rookie of six months at the time, has been fired from the department for using excessive force. The resisting arrest charges against Hughey have also been dropped. But the District Attorney stopped short of filing criminal charges against Wright, stating that there was "insufficient evidence to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt" of his criminal behavior.

"We have nothing short of a mountain of evidence, physical, forensic, eyewitness," Hughey told the news channel.

Hughey had yet another unpleasant brush with the WSPD two months ago when he fell down the stairs and called the paramedics. He was greeted instead by eight police officers.

"Outside of my home ordering my wife and my 17-month-old child out of our home at gunpoint for a medical call," Hughey described.

The WSPD released no comment on either incident.


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