Man Shot in Both Arms at Gun Range Sues


One gun owner might have difficulty exercising his right to bear arms after getting shot in both arms at a Seattle gun range.

The gun owner was performing some target practice at Wade’s Eastside Guns when a man in the neighboring booth accidentally shot the gun owner. According to official documents, the shooter was using a Smith & Wesson pistol that was “rather new” when the gun accidentally discharged. The bullet pierced the partition separating the two booths, and then went through both of the man’s arms in the neighboring booth.

The victim had his arms out in front of him to fire, which caused his arms to line up for the stray bullet.

The victim has filed a lawsuit Wade’s Eastside Guns. The lawsuit alleges that the gun range did not take proper precautions to protect its customers.

“Wade’s did not screen gun range customers for basic knowledge of safe gun operation,” said attorneys Susannah Carr and Ian Birk. “No safety rules were posted in the shooting lanes.” Furthermore, the partitions that divided the shooting booths were clearly not bulletproof.

The shooter has also been targeted by a lawsuit. Neither the shooter nor the shooting range have made any response to the lawsuits.

The victim could have a strong case against both of the defendants. The victim clearly was not doing anything wrong at the time of the incident, and the combined negligence of the shooter and the shooting range led to the accident. Pursuing lawsuits of this nature can be tricky, however, because the gun range can point the finger at the shooter and vice versa.

In your opinion, who is at fault here? Should both the shooter and the gun range be held responsible for the accident? Should this all be chalked up to bad luck? 

Source: Seattlepi


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