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Man Shot In Back, Killed By Cop After Traffic Stop (Video)

Jocques Scott Clemmons was pulled over for a traffic stop in Nashville by Officer Josh Lippert on Feb. 10 in a situation that ended with Lippert shooting and killing Clemmons (video below).

Metro police said Lippert pulled over Clemmons for running a stop sign, notes WKRN.

According to police, Clemmons exited his car, began a physical altercation with Lippert, and ran into a parking lot with something in his waistband.

Police said Lippert chased Clemmons, caught him, tried to make an arrest, and had a second physical confrontation. Clemmons then allegedly fell and dropped a loaded handgun.

Lippert tried to kick the gun away, said police, but Clemmons picked up the firearm, did not obey Lippert's command to drop it and was shot three times by Lippert.

According to police, Lippert believed that he was in imminent danger.

Police said Clemmons was shot once in his left hip, and twice in the lower back.

Lippert and other officers rendered first aid to Clemmons until paramedics arrived. Clemmons was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

Surveillance video from a nearby housing project released on Feb. 14 doesn't show a physical confrontation between Lippert and Clemmons immediately after Lippert pulled Clemmons over, notes The Tennessean.

Clemmons is seen running away from Lippert who appears to catch him momentarily, and swing him to the ground in the parking lot. Clemmons gets up and runs the other direction, stops, keeps running away and is shot by Lippert.

According to police, Lippert did not assert that Clemmons physically contacted him right after he got out of his police cruiser.

Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson issued a statement on the incident:

As part of the full and accountable investigation into this matter, it is important that the community know of this new development. The investigation is active and progressing. We are engaging with the FBI. Citizens have my assurance that the investigation will be fair, objective and complete.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee called for a transparent investigation of the shooting which it said "raises serious questions."

Clemmons' aunt, Valeria Regina Clemmons, set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his burial expenses.


Sources: WKRN, The Tennessean / Photo credit: Valeria Regina Clemmons/GoFundMe

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