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Man Shot And Killed By Police Was Not Intended Suspect, Officers Confirm

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Law enforcement officials in Kentucky’s Jefferson County have admitted that a man shot and killed by deputies was not the suspect for whom they were initially looking. 

According to Wave 3 News, a Jefferson County deputy arrived at the door of 53-year-old Albert William Keys' home with a felony warrant for “flagrant failure to pay support.” Keys resisted the warrant, claiming he was not the correct individual. When the deputies remained persistent, Keys claimed he was going inside to retrieve his identification. Instead, he left through the back door and drove away in his pickup truck.

Deputies Rick Wilkerson, Larry Elery and Ben Bryant followed Keys as he drove away, ultimately leading them to a parking lot of an HD Supply store. 

What happened next, the officers claim, justified the result. 

“It is our understanding that the man exited the vehicle with a knife,” said Lt. Col. Carl Yates, spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. "We believe he was close. At that point, shots were fired."

Yates also admits Keys, who died at the scene of the shooting, was not the man for whom the warrant was originally intended. It is unclear, however, why Keys fled the scene. 

According to the Daily Journal, at least two of the involved officers have been placed on paid administrative leave as the investigation unfolds. 


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