Man Calls Police Due To Vandals, Officers Arrive And Fatally Shoot Him (Video)


An Oklahoma man who was shot and killed by police after calling them to report vandals outside his home had a gun on him when officers arrived, according to the latest reports.

Back in March, 47-year-old Daniel Martin Jr. called 911 to report vandals loitering outside his house. When the dispatcher asked him if they had a gun, Martin warned them that he had one.

“But I have one,” Martin said. “I’m inside with my weapon.”

The dispatcher allegedly told Officers Elijah Garcia and Anthony Edwards beforehand that Martin had a gun, but when they arrived at his home and opened the door to find him standing there with it, they immediately reacted.

“Gun!” one officer yelled before they opened fire on Martin.

Martin died minutes after being shot by the officers, and now, following an investigation, the officers have been cleared of wrongdoing, with the shooting being called “justified.”

Sources: The Free Thought Project, The Oklahoman


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