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Man Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend in Face, Claims Accident (Video)

Denver Blough was arrested for fatally shooting his pregnant girlfriend Caressa Kovalcik with a shotgun last Saturday at their apartment in Windber, Pa.

Blough claims that he accidentally shot Kovalcik in the face after breaking his 20-gauge shotgun into two pieces during an argument (video below).

“Blough related he took the barrel assembly out to a kitchen area to show Kovalcik, where it discharged into her face,” notes the police report.

“I shot her,” Blough allegedly told a police officer, reports The Tribune-Democrat.

Blough later asked police, “What’s going to happen to my baby?”

Kovalcik died of a head wound on Saturday night, but her unborn baby was delivered via an emergency cesarean section.

"I'm just sad to think she never got to hold her daughter," Kovalcik's brother Billy Bob told WTAE. "She was a great mother. She was all about her kids. Everything. She didn't think about herself. When I was there, she didn't care if there wasn't enough money to eat, as long as the baby had diapers and formula, she was happy."

Blough has been charged with criminal homicide, attempted homicide, aggravated and simple assault, and reckless endangering.

He is currently being held in the Somerset County Jail without bond.

Sources: WTAE and The Tribune-Democrat


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