Man Shoots, Kills Teen's Therapy Dog (Video)


The Guzman family in Kansas City, Mo., claims their neighbor shot their dog last Saturday morning.

When the Guzmans realized their dog Tobee was missing, they went on a search and found the Chow mix shot in a neighbor's yard. They rushed their dog to a vet, but he died.

"[Tobee] was sweet," Katy Guzman told KCTV5. "He just wanted attention. He wanted you to pet him. He just wanted love. As I'm walking out of the house, I heard a boom, and I didn't know what it was."

Hannah Guzman, 14, who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, said that Tobee "was like a therapy dog" to her (video below).

"I get really stressed out," she told Fox 4 KC. "School is stressful, life is stressful, and that dog was always there for me. He was just really important to me."

“The dog was in his yard or somewhere," added Hannah. "The neighbor went into his house, got his gun, and came back out and shot my dog.”

The neighbor, who admitted he shot the dog, told Fox 4 KC that he was “defending his family."

“He has our phone number," stated Hannah. "He could’ve called the police, animal control. We probably would’ve been willing to pay the fine for him being loose."

The Guzmans say the same neighbor had threatened to shoot their pooch in the past.

"He felt like coming out and shooting the dog was his only recourse, and I don't understand that," said Katy.

KCTV5 asked the neighbor about the shooting, but he responded, "Go away, or I will call the police."

Ironically, the police came out last weekend and charged him over the incident.

Sources: KCTV5, Fox 4 KC


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