Man Shoots, Kills Son Over Cable Bill, Stabs Himself (Video)


Pang Vang, 84, is accused of shooting and killing his son Chue Vang, 36, over an argument about who would pay to install cable television.

Vang was charged last Thursday with second-degree murder for the incident that happened last Monday.

Court papers say that Chue's mother woke his older brother up and told him that his father had shot Chue in their Maplewood, Minn. home (video below).

The older brother walked downstairs and found Chue dead, reports CBS Minneapolis.

The brother reportedly took a shotgun out of Pang's hands, but not before it went off and shot the ceiling.

After Pang went into his bedroom with a knife, the older brother called 911 and took the shotgun out of the house, reports CBS News.

When the Ramsey County SWAT team arrived, Pang told them that he couldn’t come out of the house because he stabbed himself in the chest.

According to court papers, Pang claimed he stabbed himself because he “did not want to settle the issue in court. He would settle the dispute with his son when they reached the afterlife."

The SWAT team entered the house and found Pang bleeding in his bedroom. After securing the knife, they transported him to a local hospital.

Pang is currently being held at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center on a $1 million bond.

Sources: CBS News and CBS Minneapolis


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