Man Shoots, Kills Home Invasion Robbery Suspect (Video)


An unidentified man opened fire on home intruders, killing one and sending two others fleeing in their vehicle, on Friday.

The incident happened on Friday at about 4:30 a.m. in Hockley, Tx.

The man's mother was cooking breakfast with her three granddaughters when three men reportedly entered her home (video below).

According to ABC 13, one of the suspects was armed with a rifle. At that point, the woman reportedly began begging the intruders to spare her grandchildren.

However, the woman's grown son heard what was happening from his bedroom.

"When he heard, 'Please don't hurt the girls,' that's when he took action," Sgt. Felipe Rivera, of the Harris County Sheriff's Office, told KHOU.

"They were basically at a standoff, and he discharged first," added Sgt. Rivera. "One of the suspects did fire inside the residence."

None of the family members were injured. Police are still looking for the other home intruders.

Sources: KHOU, ABC 13 (Image Credit: United States Navy)


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