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Man Shoots, Kills Himself in Hospital After His Baby is Born (Video)

An unidentified man fatally shot himself inside a Houston hospital room on Sunday after his wife had given birth.

The 32-year-old man committed suicide while in the same room with his wife at the Willowbrook Methodist Hospital, notes KHOU-TV (video below).

According witnesses, there were sounds of arguing before the gunshot, but no one else was inside the room.

The man was pronounced dead after being transported by helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Willowbrook Methodist Hospital reportedly has a strict "No Gun" rule, so some are wondering how he got the weapon into the hospital.

“They should probably have more security, you know," said bystander Gustavo Manrique. "If they’re going to let people in the institution like that, they probably need to have cops or something like that around if somebody has a gun or metal detectors or something."

Source: KHOU-TV


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