Man Shoots Deputy, Claims 'Stand Your Ground' Defense


Keenan Finkelstein is accused of shooting a deputy sheriff in the leg.

Finkelstein is using Florida's “Stand Your Ground” law as his defense, notes the Pensacola News-Journal.

Deputy Sgt. Shedrick Johnson and other officers were searching for a robbery suspect in Pensacola, Fla. on March 20, 2013.

Police saw Finkelstein walk out from the garage of a home where the suspect, Jonathan Chappell, was living.

Sgt. Johnson, who was hiding behind a tree, told Finkelstein that he was a sheriff’s deputy.

However, Finkelstein pulled a gun and shot Sgt. Johnson in the leg.

Finkelstein claims that he fired the gun after someone shined a light at him, told him to put his hands up, shot a weapon, but did not identify as law enforcement, noted WEAR-TV.

Judge Terry Terrell ruled today that Finkelstein could not use “Stand Your Ground” as his defense and the criminal trial would proceed.

Sources: Pensacola News-Journal and WEAR-TV


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